Best Bar None is an industry-led international accreditation and awards program for liquor licensees. The Best Bar None Ontario pilot program is offer for licensees in Toronto downtown core, ByWard Market in Ottawa and now in Windsor. All licensees in these areas are encouraged to participate.

Best Bar None Ontario accredited businesses maintain the highest standards for their customers and staff, manage the sale and service of alcohol responsibly, and have good relationships with the community and hospitality industry partners. They also compete with other establishments for annual awards in the following 6 categories: Best Club, Best Restaurant, Best Bar/Lounge, Best Hotel Lounge, Best Pub, Best Venue and Best Members’ Club.

  • In Toronto BBN includes the area bounded by Bloor Street to the north, Lake Ontario to the south (including the Toronto Islands), Parkside Drive to the west and Yonge Street as the eastern boundary.
  • In Ottawa BBN is introduced into the ByWard Market area, extending north to St. Patrick Street, south to Rideau Street, east to Cumberland Street and West to Sussex Drive.
  • Throughout the City of Windsor

Participants and Sponsors

Best Bar None Ontario is made up of a diverse group of organizations from the hospitality industry, community organizations and government who have the common goal of improving and rewarding responsible liquor service and operational excellence. Input will be sought from these stakeholders as part of the program’s ongoing expansion. Best Bar None Ontario is sponsored by Ontario’s wine, spirits and beer manufacturers, communication partners, and socially responsible interested parties as part of their commitment to encouraging responsible drinking.


All types of licensed businesses within the pilot area(s) are eligible for Best Bar None Ontario accreditation. To become accredited, applicants first complete a series of questions covering such topics as responsible service and consumption of alcohol, being a good neighbour, minors and emergency measures. Independent, third-party assessors then visit the applicants and their businesses to review and rate their applications.

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