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Best Bar None Ontario Recognizes Top Licensed Establishments and Improves Operating Standards and Community Safety.

Windsor - January 16, 2018

The Best Bar None (BBN) Ontario program is completely voluntary and industry-led by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association (ORHMA). It recognizes excellence in operational standards and service.  Best Bar None Ontario is an industry-led international accreditation and awards program that rewards excellence amongst responsible liquor sales licensees and encourages everyone to improve their operations.  The BBN accreditation demonstrates to your customers, your neighbours, and members of the public that your venue has the highest standards of service and has implemented industry best practices so that your business stands above the crowd as a safe, well-run licensed establishment. Best Bar None Ontario was offered for the first time in Ontario in 2012/2013 offering accreditation for licensees in the Downtown Toronto Core and to the Ottawa By Ward Market, and until last year, ARIIUS Nightclub & Ultralounge @ CAESARS brought this world-class accreditation to Windsor for the first time end in 2017.

“Best Bar None will surely be a boost to Ontario’s hospitality industry,” says Tony Elenis, President and CEO of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association. “It will also offer the public a great way to choose the best places to patronize and make our communities more vibrant.”

Tony Elenis, said, "We congratulate ARIIUS Nightclub located in Caesars Windsor Casino for achieving the Best Bar None Accreditation in 2017 and looking forward for other licensed establishments to follow ARIIUS example and join the program. The Best Bar None Ontario has been operating in its sixth year in the Toronto downtown core and in its fifth year in Ottawa’s By Ward Market and now in its first year in City of Windsor.”

He also added, "The Best Bar None program is quite unique. It is an international industry-led program for licensed establishments. This is about industry driving industry compliance through collaboration with various stakeholders including the AGCO, LCBO and MADD. Best Bar None Ontario accredited businesses maintain the highest standards for their customers and staff, manage the sale and service of alcohol responsibly, and have good relationships with the community and hospitality industry partners.  Best Bar None is looking forward to expanding the accreditation program to licensee establishments in the City of Windsor."

“The safe and responsible service of alcohol is an obligation to be shared by all members of our community: licensed establishments, the AGCO, law enforcement, and the consuming public. The BBN Ontario program is an excellent way to bring us together and work for this common goal,” said Rob McKinney, AGCO’s Director of Liquor and Lottery Compliance.

Richard Anderson, Executive Director of Smart Serve Ontario, said “The Best Bar None program is a great way to showcase the amazing work that the hospitality workers do in the City of Windsor. Smart Serve is pleased to be a partner in the amazing event which shows the community your hard work at responsibly serving patrons.”

Media contact:

Tony Elenis
President and CEO
Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association
Ph. 905-361-0268

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